Listing Plan Step 5

Before Closing

Before you go to closing, be sure to run through this pre-settlement checklist to avoid any hiccups in the closing process.


  1. Bring any keys/garage door openers to the property you have in your possession.
  2. If your property is part of an estate, if there is a deceased person on title or if you will need a Power of Attorney for settlement, please contact the title company immediately.
  3. Bring originals of the repair receipts that were required by the contract. These receipts should have been previously faxed to our office.
  4. Leave any manuals or warranties for appliances or the like on the kitchen counter.
  5. Should you wish to have your proceeds wired directly into your bank account rather than receiving a check at closing, please contact the title company with wiring instructions from your bank prior to settlement.


  1. Bring your original homeowner’s insurance policy and paid receipt for the first year’s premium. If you do not yet have homeowner’s insurance, call Judy Hess at Erie Insurance at 410-465-7474.
  2. Funds needed for settlement must be in guaranteed form (certified or cashier’s check or money order). Have the check made payable to yourself. Final figures may not be available until the actual settlement, so estimate your needs by checking your “good faith estimate” or asking your lender. Have a check drawn for that amount. Bring your personal checkbook for any difference owed (Any overage will be refunded to you at settlement)

All Parties:

  1. Bring photo ID for Notary purposes
  2. Put in a change of address form with the U.S. Post Office or go to to change your address online.
  3. A site to help you change addresses for newspaper and magazine subscriptions and over 50,000 other organizations is
  4. Call your cable, phone, and internet provider to start/stop service.
  5. Well in advance of settlement, contact your local utility provider. Sellers: Discontinue service in your name as of settlement*. Ask that the power be left on. Buyers: Call and have the service transferred to your name starting on the settlement date*

*If there is a rent back involved, please transfer the utilities as of the end-date of the rent-back, not the settlement date

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