Listing Plan Step 1

Preparing Your Home For Sale

Are you and your home ready to go to market?

Before your home hits the market, here are some tips to get your Maryland home ready. Follow these tips, and you’ll be able to sell your Maryland home faster, and for more money in the competitive Maryland real estate market.

  1. Outside — First impressions are everything! Pay attention to your home and its surroundings as you drive up to it. Is the lawn mowed? Are the garden beds tidy? Is the yard clear of leaves and kids toys? Do you have any chipping or peeling paint on the home or trim? Are all exterior light fixtures working? Are the driveway and sidewalk in good condition?
  2. Entrance — Enter your home through the front door as the buyer would. Is the door freshly painted? Are locks and knobs in good condition? Are all lights working? Do you notice any unusual or unpleasant odors? Do you notice any clutter? It is important to make the entrance to your home as appealing as possible. If the buyer is turned off by anything upon entering the home it can set a bad tone for the whole rest of the showing.
  3. Kitchen — Make sure that all appliances are sparkling clean! Are there any dirty dishes in the sink? Are the floors clean? Put trash and recycling bins out of sight. Make sure trash bins have fresh liners and do not have any unpleasant odors. If possible, place a bowl of fresh fruit or lemons on the counter or table. Make sure the counters are as clear as possible. Put away all small countertop appliances and knick-knacks.
  4. Bathrooms — Make sure all surfaces such as floors, tubs, shower walls, doors, sinks and countertops sparkle! Put away as many toiletry items as possible. Never leave prescription drugs or personal items out! Make sure all grout/caulk is intact and free of mildew.
  5. Bedrooms — Are rugs vacuumed? Are closets clean and organized? Keep the floors and tops of furniture as clear as possible. Ask children to keep toys and clothes picked up. Arrange furniture so that buyers can move easily into and out of rooms.
  6. Laundry Area — Keep dirty laundry in baskets or hampers. Make sure washer and dryer are clean and there are no unpleasant odors.
  7. Other Living Spaces — Make sure toys, newspapers, and other items are picked up and put away. Remove any personal items such as family photos and replace them with more neutral decorations.
  8. Home Office — Put away papers and files, especially bills or papers of a personal nature. Remove any personal photos from the office and replace with more neutral office materials.
  9. Garage – Make sure there is room in the garage for a vehicle! You don’t want to overfill the garage with storage items. Rent a public storage locker if necessary and get rid items you don’t use anymore. Buyers will think a house has minimal storage space available if the garage is full. Make sure items stored in the garage are neatly stacked against walls or organized on storage shelves.
  10. Other General Items — Make sure all windows are sparkling clean and operable! Make sure you have no leaky or dripping faucets. Make sure you have no doors that “stick.” Fresh Paint is always a plus but if you do not want to invest the time to paint, use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to take scuff-marks off of walls.

Prior to actively listing your home on the multiple list service, an Eric Pakulla Team Member will visit to take detailed notes of the features in the home. Professional photography will also be taken of your home.

As soon as the listing is signed we will begin to actively market your home to the public and to other real estate professionals. Your home will be submitted to many top websites immediately and a highly reflective professional real estate sign will be ordered up.

The next step in the listing plan is pricing your home for listing.

See how the Listing Plan of Action Works for You!

Thinking of selling your home as a “For Sale by Owner”? Before you make up your mind, read our proven plan that will put more money in your pocket! Call Eric Pakulla today to find out more, or read our Listing Plan of Action Overview:

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