Seller FAQs

A Home Seller’s Frequently Asked Questions:

May we list high and come down in price later?

I understand you may want to list high to leave room for negotiating. Have you considered the problem that creates for you?

Most people won’t even bother looking at properties that are priced too high. Would you rather have a bidding war on your home or not have an opportunity to negotiate any offers at all? I recommend pricing the home at a position to receive multiple offers.

Another agent said they could get me more money.

I can appreciate that, and what you may want to consider is another agent will take your property overpriced. The agent assumes they can take the listing now and then start beating you up on the price week after week after week. Is that what you want? Who would?

They’re afraid to tell you the truth up front. Do you want the truth? Of course you do! Do the right thing and simply…HIRE ME!

What if we were thinking of using a different company to sell our home?

You have a valid concern and I think you realize a company doesn’t sell a home. It’s the individual agent’s activities that get a home sold. I am more than qualified to sell your home. I have sold thousands of homes over the last ten years.

Will we save the commission by selling it ourselves?

I agree you can save the commission by selling it yourself. Are you aware that today over one thousand homes are for sale? Last month only three hundred twenty actually sold. That’s a three month supply of homes if no other homes come on the market and last month four hundred fourteen homes went on the market!

What’s worse is the fact that only 9% of all For Sale By Owners sell themselves and 91% are listed and sold by real estate agents. Can you afford to have only a 9% chance of selling your home?

What if I have a friend in the business that I may want to hire?

I can appreciate that, and almost everyone has a friend in the real estate business. Let me ask you, do you absolutely have to sell this home or are you just looking to do your friend a favor?

Obviously, you have called me for a reason, right? Do you feel I can sell your home? Put me to work!

You haven’t sold many homes in my area.

That’s a valid concern and the obvious reason you’ll choose me is that my company has homes for sale all over the community. When buying new homes, do home-owners simply want a new home on the same street? No they don’t! When you sign the contract I can expose your property to potential buyers from all over the area. Do you realize how important that kind of exposure is?

What do you do to sell homes?

That’s also a valid concern. Are you aware that there are two kinds of real estate agents?

There are passive and active agents. I am an active agent, meaning when you sign the contract, I will spend my time actively marketing your home to the public and to the other active agents in town.

You want someone like me who will work actively and aggressively to get your home sold.

Will you cut your commission?


The other agent said he/she would cut their commission.

I can appreciate that and I’ll tell you why that makes me nervous.

If other agents do not have the courage to stand up to you regarding their own worth how strong could they possibly be defending you and the price we set for your home? I have that courage.

Do you feel I can sell your home? Terrific!

May we sleep on it?

Sure. This is a big decision, isn’t it? Yet, the decision must be based on what you want, correct?

Please consider signing the contract contingent upon your approval within twenty four hours, that way we can both win. You’ll have twenty four hours with no pressure so you can feel comfortable and sleep on it tonight. I’ll call you in the morning and you can simply tell me yes or no.

If you say no, I’ll rip up the contract, and you’ll have no obligation. If you say yes, I’ll begin marketing your property immediately.

I look forward to helping you sell your home!

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